cohomology of algebras

cohomology of algebras
Математика: когомология алгебр

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  • Cohomology of algebras — In mathematics, the homology or cohomology of an algebra may refer to Banach algebra cohomology of a bimodule over a Banach algebra Cyclic homology of an associative algebra Group cohomology of a module over a group ring or a representation of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Lie algebra cohomology — In mathematics, Lie algebra cohomology is a cohomology theory for Lie algebras. It was defined by Chevalley and Eilenberg (1948) in order to give an algebraic construction of the cohomology of the underlying topological spaces of compact Lie …   Wikipedia

  • Group cohomology — This article is about homology and cohomology of a group. For homology or cohomology groups of a space or other object, see Homology (mathematics). In abstract algebra, homological algebra, algebraic topology and algebraic number theory, as well… …   Wikipedia

  • Banach algebra cohomology — In mathematics, Banach algebra cohomology of a Banach algebra with coefficients in a bimodule is defined in a similar way to Hochschild cohomology of an abstract algebra, except that one takes the topology into account so that all cohains and so… …   Wikipedia

  • Weil cohomology theory — In algebraic geometry, a subfield of mathematics, a Weil cohomology or Weil cohomology theory is a cohomology satisfying certain axioms concerning the interplay of algebraic cycles and cohomology groups. The name is in honour of André Weil. Weil… …   Wikipedia

  • Schubert variety — In mathematics, a Schubert variety is a certain subvariety of a Grassmannian, usually with singular points. Described by means of linear algebra, a typical example consists of the k dimensional subspaces V of an n dimensional vector space W ,… …   Wikipedia

  • Rational homotopy theory — In mathematics, rational homotopy theory is the study of the rational homotopy type of a space, which means roughly that one ignores all torsion in the homotopy groups. It was started by Dennis Sullivan (1977) and Daniel Quillen (1969) …   Wikipedia

  • Clifford algebra — In mathematics, Clifford algebras are a type of associative algebra. They can be thought of as one of the possible generalizations of the complex numbers and quaternions.[1][2] The theory of Clifford algebras is intimately connected with the… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclic homology — In homological algebra, cyclic homology and cyclic cohomology are (co)homology theories for associative algebras introduced by Alain Connes around 1980, which play an important role in his noncommutative geometry. They were independently… …   Wikipedia

  • Hopf algebra — In mathematics, a Hopf algebra, named after Heinz Hopf, is a structure that is simultaneously a (unital associative) algebra, a coalgebra, and has an antiautomorphism, with these structures compatible.Hopf algebras occur naturally in algebraic… …   Wikipedia

  • Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomial — In representation theory, a Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomial P y,w ( q ) is a member of a family of integral polynomials introduced in work of David Kazhdan and George Lusztig Harv|Kazhdan|Lusztig|1979. They are indexed by pairs of elements y , w of a… …   Wikipedia

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